Globally Together


It is a great time to connect with peers from our global Chapters around the world, which currently includes 19* countries' Chapter Members. The real estate industry has become globalized and our Chapter is moving with this trend.  That is why our theme this year is “Globally Together”.

The Belt and Road initiative of our country, being the biggest push for globalization, is one of the main strategies for our Chapter for the next five to ten years.  Along the same line, our Chapter also has the target to expand our membership to 50 countries in the next five years.  Another target is for us to build a strong working relationship with both local and overseas governments and to contribute to their policy making for the real estate industry through our research.

Being one of the most active real estate associations in this region, apart from discovering more business opportunities in different markets, we feel that we cannot just focus on industry interests and not address social issues.  Thus, we are keen to make suggestions, to advocate or even to spearhead new ideas and initiatives for the real estate industry. We aim to pursue the best ideas and initiatives to enhance the real estate industry while improving living environments and policy standards. The diversity of our membership, ie: 30% Developers, 22% Real Estate Funds and 48% Real estate Professionals, means our views and opinions are quite balanced in representing an all-rounded voice for the industry.

Simply put, we welcome your participation in our Chapter and we welcome your suggestions on how we can better serve our membership and how we can make a meaningful and positive impact to the real estate industry globally.  As the world is evolving fast, new markets are coming up, cutting-edge technologies and new ways of life are emerging, we would like to be your platform to connect and to work with all major, active real estate industry players globally. Together, we can successfully work "Globally Together".

May I share with you the lyrics of the song “I like to teach the world to sing” which says “I like to build the world a home and furnish it with love."

As a real estate association and as practitioners in this industry, let us conduct our business and work with the heart for the people and our neighbors.  Join us and be part of Globally Together!

*19 countries include: China, France, Germany, UK, US, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Luxembourg, Cyprus, UAE, Japan, South Korea, Fiji, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and South Africa.