We Serve our Membership

We aim to serve our membership by providing opportunities for business growth and professional growth. We actively work with local and overseas government organizations and private sector players to open markets for investment and professional services activities. We work with international professional bodies to promote cross border cooperation opportunities. 

We hold multiple events in Hong Kong on a monthly basis. These events provide an environment for networking, learning, and building long lasting personal and professional relationships.

We are actively spearheading opportunities within the Belt and Road.

Join us today and be a part of the action.

We Serve our Membership

  • To be a non-profit making Hong Kong-registered Chapter of the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (全聯房地產商會) (hereinafter called “CRECC”) under the principle of “One Country, Two Systems”;
  • To promote the business interest of Members of the Chapter and those of the members of CRECC and to create business opportunities for them in local, trans-territorial and overseas real estate market;
  • To foster cooperation among members of the Chapter with members of CRECC in local, trans-territorial and overseas real estate development and investment opportunities;
  • To facilitate the development and exchange of knowledge, skill and practices of the real estate industry between the Mainland (hereinafter called “Mainland”) of the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong in order to raise the industry standards and further advance the real estate market to cater for the needs of the industry and society at large;
  • To reflect or make representation to CRECC and the public on the collective views or opinions of the members of the Chapter whenever and to such extent as the Executive Committee of the Chapter sees fit;
  • To assist members of the Chapter, as the Executive Committee of the Chapter sees fit, in publicising their views or positions in relation to the legal, professional, economic and/ or technological aspect of the real estate industry in Hong Kong and/ or the Mainland;
  • To organise and facilitate members of the Chapter to visit or participate in exhibitions, conferences, seminars or other activities held by the real estate industry in the Mainland;
  • To obtain for, and to provide to, members of the Chapter information on the real estate industry in the Mainland and other overseas markets as the Executive Committee sees fit;
  • To assist CRECC in holding or participating in functions or activities in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world and to facilitate CRECC in establishing connections or relations with related institutions in Hong Kong and/ or elsewhere in the world;
  • To represent CRECC in the performance of any duty wherever the Chapter is so requested and as the Executive Committee of the Chapter so agrees;
  • To enter into mutual agreement with authorities in the Mainland in the furtherance of information exchange, cooperation and/ or business opportunities for members of the Chapter;
  • To facilitate and foster the development of self-discipline and good practices of the real estate industry in the Mainland;
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.