China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (CRECC) is a Class I national non-governmental organization, overseen by the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce (ACFIC) and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. Its predecessor is ACFIC Real Estate Chamber of Commerce established in 2001.

CRECC represents the common interests of China's real estate industry with its mission to promote sustainable growth of the real estate sector. It is dedicated to: defending the legal rights and interests of the industry and enterprises, responding to their common concerns; providing services integrating social resources, building up and maintaining an information exchange platform to serve member enterprises at such numerous levels as information, technology, business and international cooperation and elevating the core competiveness of enterprises; advocating for self-regulation, enhancing the social responsibilities of the industry and enterprise and creating a market for fair competition.

China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce has over 5,000 members consisting of leading real estate developers, building material suppliers, design companies and financial institutions, with the developers accounting for 70% of its membership. The chamber has over 30 local chapters including Hong Kong, as well as 12 specialized committees with specific focal areas such as design, finance, senior living and commercial real estate.

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