CRECCHKI & HKTDC Jointly Present - Belt and Road Initiative: Capturing Opportunities through Hong Kong

MIPIM Cannes - World trends Room
14 March 2018

過去幾年來「一帶一路」倡議已經從中國的戰略規劃演變為具體的行動計劃。 當中的連接基建更是重點項目,一帶一路經濟體將從基礎設施投資上獲益。專家小組將於是次論壇分享他們在這一重要倡議下投資和發展基礎設施項目的第一手經驗,以及香港如何幫助海外公司把握機遇。

  • 香港貿發局:確立香港作為「一帶一路」商貿平台的角色,以鞏固香港作為亞洲雙向投資及商貿樞紐的地位。
  • 全國工商聯房地產商會香港及國際分會:全聯房地產商會28個分會最國際化的分會。 會員遍佈19個國家,包括:開發商、投資者及專業服務界別。
  • 大巴黎投資組織:大巴黎計劃 - 自二戰後的馬歇爾計劃以來,歐洲最大的城市擴張計劃
  • 中國工商銀行:全球市值最大的銀行, 500億美元投資於一帶一路項目的基金。
  • 歐華律師事務所: 全球領先的商業律師事務所,律師網絡遍及40個國家,為客戶提供法律解決方案。


  1. 主題演講: 方舜文女士 - 香港貿易發展局總裁
  2. 主持: 陳恩良先生 - 嘉建資本行政總裁 及 全國工商聯房地產商會香港及國際分會副主席
  3. 專家小姐成員: Alexandre Missoffe - 大巴黎投資組織董事總經理
  4. 專家小姐成員: 余其德先生 - 中國工商銀行巴黎分行副行長
  5. 專家小姐成員: Susheela Rivers - 歐華律師事務所合夥人及亞洲房地產主管

Over the past few years, the Belt and Road Initiative has evolved from a strategic vision of the Chinese government into concrete action plans. With facilities connectivity being one of the main focus areas, Belt-Road economies are bound to benefit greatly from infrastructure investments. 

In this session, the panellists will share their first-hand experience of investing and developing infrastructure projects under this important Initiative and how Hong Kong can help overseas companies capture these opportunities.  Highlights as follows -

  • HKTDC:  Position Hong Kong as the commercial platform for Belt and Road to reinforce our central role as a two-way investment and business hub of Asia.
  • CRECCHKI: Most international chapter among CRECC's 28 chapters. Membership in 19 countries.  Deep and diverse membership among Developers, Investors and Professional Services
  • GPIA: Grand Paris Programme - The largest major European city expansion programme since post-WWII Marshall plan
  • ICBC:  World's largest bank by market capitalisation.  USD50 billion fund for investments into projects in Belt and Road region.
  • DLA Piper: One of the leading global law firms with offices in more than 40 countries.


  1. Keynote Speaker: Ms. Magaret Fong, Executive Director, HKTDC
  2. Moderator: Mr. Stanley Chin, CEO Treasure Capital Asia  &  Vice Chairman of CRECCHKI
  3. Panellist: Mr. Alexandre Missoffe, Managing Director, Greater Paris Investment Agency
  4. Panellist: Mr. Yu Qide, Deputy General Manager of ICBC Paris Branch
  5. Panellist: Ms. Susheela Rivers, Partner, Head of Real Estate, Asia, Office Managing Partner, DLA Piper




CRECCHKI & HKTDC Jointly Present: Belt and Road Initiative: Capturing Opportunities through Hong Kong

日期  Date  
2018年3月14日 (星期三)
March 14, 2018 (Wed)

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MIPIM Cannes - World trends Room

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