CRECCHKI Investors Members' Greater Paris Delegation Visit

Greater Paris, France
12 June 2017

The "Greater Paris and Cannes MIPIM Delegation Visits" being held in March concluded with a enthusiastic response.  Therefore, we will organize a "Greater Paris Delegation Visit: Discover Investment Opportunities in Rising Paris" specifically for our investors members between June 12 and 14, 2017, providing another occasion for investors to learn more about Greater Paris projects and investment opportunities. For registration, kindly return your RSVP on or before May 26, 2017.



Visit the Rising Paris

Emmanuel Macron, winner of France’s president election, promised to raise the competitiveness of France, cut corporate tax rate, as well as loosen the regulation.  With the longing economic reform, it would be a suitable occasion to visit the rising star in Europe, Paris, and to experience how the new government could reignite the Greater Paris project.


What is Greater Paris

Greater Paris is Europe's top economic region. With a population of 12 million, it accounts for 31% of national GDP or €659 billion, and six million jobs in 1,024,000 companies.
It is also the world’s leading tourist destination and an attractive destination for talent with 155,500 researchers and 663,100 students.
The Greater Paris project will be an engine for the attractiveness of that territory and of France.  Greater Paris is a set of government-led projects run in liaison with the competent local and regional authorities, in particular the Ile-de-France region, the City of Paris, public inter-municipality cooperation establishments (EPCI) and competent public development institutions.  This project affects all fields like transport infrastructure, housing, urban development, the economy, knowledge, innovation and culture as a key driving force for attracting foreign investors and financing.
International competition to invent the Greater Paris project: 61 strategic sites
The aim of the competition is to use French and international talent to design entire neighbourhoods.  The French Prime Minister and the President of the Greater Paris authority announced on March 14, 2016 the organization of this international competition to design future “international hubs” and “innovative territories” in Greater Paris, in particular around the major stations of the Greater Paris Express in more than 60 strategic sites.
These territories would then help demonstrate the future of tomorrow’s cities in many areas, such as urban development, digital technology, energy transition and environmental quality, economic development, social innovation, the building industry, mobility and multimodality, culture, and architecture.
Greater Paris is huge project in France;  it is really an opportunity to do business in France and to discover the French Real Estate Market.

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CRECCHKI Investors Members' Greater Paris Delegation Visit: Discover Investment Opportunities in Rising Paris


June 12-14, 2017 (Mon - Wed)








Administration Fee:
HK$1,000 per CRECCHKI Member or Delegate



Tel: (852) 2153 9683
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Tel: (852) 2153 9683 

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