Decoding Innovation - Half Day Seminar & Cocktails by Rotary Club of Kowloon

British Consulate-General - 1 Supreme Court Road, Hong Kong
28 September 2017


Rotary Club of Kowloon in support of the Hong Kong for Youth Development is organizing a half day seminar on “Decoding Innovation”, thereafter followed by cocktails at the British Consulate-General, 1 Supreme Court Road, Hong Kong. The proceeds will go to the Community Service Fund of the Rotary Club of Kowloon for Youth Development, a registered charity. The funds will be allocated to projects for the benefit of underprivileged, disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Hong Kong and abroad. For the year 2017, a portion of the fund has already been allocated to a programme assisting the learning development of underprivileged children below the age of 12 in Hong Kong.
Infrastructure projects in Hong Kong over the last number of years have greatly increased in their complexity.  With this increase in complexity, innovative construction solutions are therefore required.  Eminent professionals from the construction industry will share their knowledge and insights on the latest innovation techniques in construction.


The Programme (2pm - 5:15pm)

Welcome Remarks:

Frances Moffett-Kouadio, Trade Commissioner, British Consulate-General

Opening Remarks:

DGN HW Fung, District Governor for Rotary 2017/18

Keynote Remarks:

Dr Carrie Yau GBS JP Executive Director, Vocational Training Council

Confirmed Topics:

Procuring Major Programmes (the 6 Pillars Approach to Value for Money) - Martin Rowark, HKA Global
BIM, Digital Construction & Digital Twin Solutions – a presentation on how to create value and certainty at every stage of asset creation and lifecycle - Paul Waldeck, Waldeck Consulting
Programme & Controls – The importance of an integrated approach to improving Project Intelligence and delivering better Value for Money - Bryn Lockett, LogiKal Projects
Remaking Hong Kong: Innovation is our Future
Nigel White, Gammon Construction Ltd

Plenary Session with Q&A – Moderator:

Russell Lister, HKA Australia

Closing Remarks:

Dr Christopher To, Arbitrator/Mediator/Adjunct Professor

Post Seminar Cocktails (5:15pm- 7:30pm)




Supporting Organizations:




Tel: 2542 2818

For more information, please click here for the event eFlyer.