Jockey Club Civic Exchange “Reconnecting Open Space” Programme: “Space Talk, Space Walk” Public Forum

Graduate House WGW Theatre ,The University of Hong Kong
26 October 2018

Dear Members,


You are cordially invited to attend the “Space Talk, Space Walk” public forum on Friday, 26 October 2018, at The University of Hong Kong.

This event – organized as part of the Jockey Club Civic Exchange “Reconnecting Open Space” Programme – will explore three major themes:
• Hong Kong people’s views on the quality of open space in the city
• The importance of open space to people’s wellbeing
• People’s favourite open-space examples and what makes them tick
Event Details
Date: Friday, 26 October 2018
08:00-08:45 Optional Taichi and Breakfast Session
09:00-13:00 Space Talk: Public Opinion Survey Findings and Panel Discussions
14:00-16:00 Space Walk: Six guided open space tours around Hong Kong

Venue: Graduate House WGW Theatre
Address: The University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong
Forum Agenda and Speakers:

Keynote Presentation 
Civic Exchange will present its research findings of a public opinion survey that polled 3,600 respondents across 18 districts on the quality of open space and its importance to people’s well-being. The survey covers people’s usage patterns, activities, satisfaction levels, and aspirations for different types of urban open space in Hong Kong.

Five Case Studies
This forum will showcase some of people’s favourite open space examples in Hong Kong and explain what makes them attractive.

Two Panel Discussions 
A select panel of speakers will discuss the importance of open space to improving people’s well-being and potential solutions aimed at creating more high-quality and attractive open space in Hong Kong.

Open Space Guided Tours (Optional)
Participants can choose to join an hour-long guided tour exploring one of six selected public open spaces in Hong Kong. Participants will need to pre-register for the tours, which are limited to a maximum of 15 participants at each site.

Taichi and Breakfast (Optional) 
Participants interested in getting some exercise and food before the forum are invited to join a taichi and breakfast session, guided by a taichi master, at The University of Hong Kong.

Who Should Attend?
Everyone is invited. The forum can accommodate up to 300 participants, including government representatives, property developers and management companies, urban-design and planning professionals, open space operators, researchers, academics, community groups, students, and the public.

About the Jockey Club Civic Exchange “Reconnecting Open Space” Programme
The Jockey Club Civic Exchange “Reconnecting Open Space” Programme is a public engagement project that aims to evaluate and raise societal awareness on the quality of open space in Hong Kong. The initiative is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and led by Civic Exchange, an independent public-policy think tank that aims to inform policy and engage stakeholders on addressing environmental and development challenges in Hong Kong. This one-year project includes an 18-district-wide public opinion survey, capacity-building programmes for tertiary and secondary students, a workshop, a public forum, and a research report on creating inclusive open space in the city. 


*The Forum is free of charge.


For more information, please click here for the event eFlyer.