CRECCHKI strongly condemns the rapidly escalating violence of the extremists in recent days. Radical behaviour wreaked havoc on the city including the arson committed at various places, vandalism of public facilities, hurling of petrol bombs and suspected corrosive substances at police officers, intentional paralysis of traffic and transport network, and assaults on police officers and citizens. Many banks and shops were targeted by the extremists who broke into the shops, damaged the security gates of banks and set fire inside. The riots have already affected many businesses in the city and threatened the livelihoods of ordinary citizens.

We respect the public’s freedom to express views as well as the right to lawful assembly. However, we are against any form of illegal and violent acts which seriously disrupted our community. We support the enactment of anti-mask law and we believe this is one of the solutions to restore order in our city. We also trust the Hong Kong Police Force is capable to maintain law and order in our city and we support the police to use appropriate force to stop the outrageous violence.

Violence never seems to be a solution but rather a problem itself. We support the Hong Kong Government to continue peaceful and rational dialogue with the public and find solutions to some of the social problems.


Let’s build a better Hong Kong together.



8 October 2019